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SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions:
Our story & values

worker with stamp making tool
SCIL worker placing a stamp in an imprinting tool

Our Story

In 2015, Philips Research and Philips IP&S decided to build a business case around the SCIL technology. SCIL technology, identified as a potential business, was transferred to IP&S to develop the technology from lab to industry. Then SCIL Nanoimprint solutions was born.

The first step was to design and build a fully automatic machine for imprinting nanopatterns on substrates. It was then, in 2017, that we installed the first AutoSCIL in our facility. Shortly after this milestone, in 2018, we delivered a new AutoSCIL  to one of our customers.

Since then, VDL has been in charge of manufacturing as our OEM supplier and the SCIL team grew into a multi-disciplinary team.

In 2023, SCIL Nanoimprint solutions received funding from imec.xpand, Invest-NL Deep Tech Fonds, RSBG Ventures, and Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM), spinning out from Philips and starting its path. 

Our values

We believe in pushing the boundaries, thinking outside the box, and constantly seeking new and better ways to solve problems.



Novel approaches to solve new challenges, overcoming limits, always looking to the future

Operator in spin coating


By teaming up with our customers and partners, we van collectively unleash the full potential of SCIL technology and elevate it to a whole new level



Finding solutions to drive positive changes on multiple business areas in nanoimprint

Would you like to join our team?

We are currently offering some challenging open positions that will allow you to contribute to cutting-edge research and innovation. Join our team and make an impact in the exciting world of nanophotonics!