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Nanoimprint resists & more: imprint process image


SCIL Nanoimprint solutions works to provide a wide range of consumables to take your products to a higher level. From nanoimprint resists, to the materials needed to make your nanoimprint stamps with the highest quality.

We synthesize our advanced imprint and stamp making materials to meet your requirements.

Nanoimprint Resists

Our unique imprint materials are characterized by being fully inorganic. Due to their composition, these materials are suitable for optical applications. Among its features are:

Tunable refractive index

SCIL materials can be used for direct patterning of binary and slanted patterns in all directions with low residual layers less than 20-30nm.

Furthermore, the possibility to tune the refractive index from 1.17 to 1.96 makes our imprint materials attractive for different purposes.

Refractive index graph vs wavelength

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