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High quality stamp manufacturing

To produce high-quality imprints a high-quality stamp is necessary. SCIL offers easy-to-use equipment to make stamps with the best results. The main advantages of SCIL composite stamps are:

  • > 500 imprints
  • No deformations
  • No print-to-print deviations
  • Feature sizes < 10 nm but also up to 50-100 μm

Currently two semi-automatic stamp making tools are available, the SMT200 and SMT300, both capable of producing stamps from notched as well as flat wafers. SMT300 is a further development of the stamp making tools, making it more advanced with logging and monitoring options as well as further developed automation.

Master wafer sizes 3″, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm150-200 mm & 300mm
For use with AutoSCIL & LabSCILFabSCIL, LabSCIL & AutoSCIL
SMT200: Semiautomatic stamp making tool  for use with AutoSCIL&LabSCIL


SMT300: Semiautomatic stamp making tool for use with FabSCIL, LabSCIL &AutoSCIL


SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions supplies all consumables needed to produce stamps but also offers the possibility to produce stamps for customers.