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Welcome to SCIL Nanoimprint solutions!

We are a scale up based in Eindhoven (Netherlands) with customers worldwide. We provide equipment, materials and support to our clients, with the goal of contributing to the development of different nanophotonic applications.

The fast-paced environment makes our company an ideal space for innovation, flexibility, and dynamism where your ideas are translated into market products. Our open culture fosters collaboration where the employees can take different roles gaining diverse skills and expertise.

SCIL Innovation


We are open to innovate to satisfy the market needs and boost the future of nanophotonics.
New ideas and contributions are always welcome!

SCIL Collaboration


SCIL members collaborate between them, as well as with universities, research centers and other companies, playing a fundamental role in advancing technology.

SCIL open culture

Open culture

We believe that the free exchange of ideas and transparency, contribute to create the perfect work atmosphere.

SCIL flexibility


SCIL cultivates adaptability, fostering an environment which  embraces changes and promotes new ideas

SCIL multidisciplinary team

Multidisciplinary team

Our skilled team come from different backgrounds and expertises to address new challenges.

Open positions:

Process and Application Engineer

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Management Assistant

Eindhoven, Netherlands